Bilingual Kindergarten

Lots of learning and tons of fun take place as you walk through the door of our Kindergarten classroom!

Our comprehensive kindergarten program is designed in partnership with Common Core State Standards and includes math and number skills, phonics, reading, writing, language arts, and social skills development. Science and social studies are integrated into classroom themes. We are widely enthusiastic about the Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program, which is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach that involves your whole child: eyes, ears, mouth, mind, and body.

The philosophy behind our exciting and compelling hands-on instruction is that children learn best by doing. Students are exposed to a variety of sensory experiences. They learn the concept of part to whole relationships by making and dividing a real pizza or are engaged in cooking green eggs and ham to complete the unit on Dr. Seuss. Our kindergarten program provides education through developmentally appropriate practice, which includes play.  It is through play that a child can master abstract concepts and acquire cognitive, social-emotional, language, and motor skills. Our passionate, dedicated, and nurturing teachers enhance your child’s play and the learning that occurs in the play context.  They engage in one-on-one conversation with students, encourage pretended play with themes, roles, rules, or introduce math talk during block building.

Each student is special and unique in our kindergarten class. Our teachers employ effective research-based strategies to build on each student’s strengths and offer differentiated instruction that meets individual needs of their learners. They challenge, stimulate, encourage and always promote a positive self-esteem.